Tablo quad hdmi audio control lost

I just received my new Tablo Quad HDMI and the remote worked fine out of the box but after I changed some settings it quit working. I was messing with fixed/variable since I have it connected to a tuner/amp and enabled CEC. I tried to reverse what I did but audio control still doesn’t work on the tablo remote. I also rebooted both the tablo and the tuner/amp. What do I need to do? Thx!

What is the current audio setting on the QUAD HDMI? See link below.

You need set to Surround Sound Passthrough to “OFF”, and PCM Volume Mode to “Variable”.

I quote:

PCM VOLUME MODE - When SURROUND SOUND PASSTHROUGH is set to OFF, the VARIALBE setting allows you to continue to control the volume of programming on your Tablo DVR via the included remote.”

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