Tablo Quad HD spin-down or sleep mode?

Is there a hidden setting or other feature to spin down the Hard drive on a Tablo quad? It is a bit of a power waste, generates heat and wears on the drive to just keep spinning and spinning without it being actively used. Not to mention the noise. I would think there should be a spin-down timeout like a NAS device has. Heck, Even my old Dishnetwork DVRs had a spin-down. It only takes 2 - 3 seconds to spin up again and be ready to go. Am I missing something in my settings or is there some reason this isn’t a thing.

In all fairness, spin down drives have caused problems with Tablo devices in the past. As for mileage (age) it adds, most HDDs are designed for 24x7 (maybe 2.5" drives it’s different?). I know I’ve had my original bus powered 2.5" drives on my Tablo units for 7 or maybe 8 years now (like since the beginning).

And, they were used before that.

Heat? Not sure. Tablo doesn’t require much, so I use 5400rpm or lower drives.

Not saying it isn’t a good question though.

Thanks for the reply. That is true. My old 4 tuner with the external 2.5 lasted 5 years before lightning took it out, however the drive still works.

I agree with using quality drives and lower speed, 5400RPM. Keeps heat and wear down.

Not through any setting in Tablo my external hard drive spins down when not in use on my 7+ year old original 2 tuner. Must be built into the software in the drive controller.

I used a USB Seagate drive for a while, the sleep setting was set with the Seagate software. I had mine set to spin down after 10 mins, no problems.