Tablo quad & fire tv stick 4k

I received my refurbish tablo quad and i worked hard to start the setup. Finally i succeeded. But no tablo apps work only with on my fire tv stick 4k the application has worked one time and after nothing. I uninstalled the application and reinstalled the amazon version for fire tv stick and again unable to connect. All my devices doesn’t work with the application, only with on a web browser.
Could you help me to use the application mostly on the fire tv stick 4k?

Did you try both the ‘regular’ Tablo app and also the Tablo ‘preview’ app? Both are available via your Fire TV interface. A few things which you may have already done:

Try a reboot of the Tablo and the Fire TV. My Fire TV 4K will occasionally lock up and require a power off/on.
How strong is your wifi? If you are running wifi in both directions, can you hook up the Tablo directly to your router via ethernet?

I try both and reinstall only the tablo for fire tv downloaded from Amazon apps store. Reboot is done, my WiFi are really good with a LinkSys WRT1900ac. I use ethernet cable.

Try rebooting a few pieces of the network: the Fire TV and Tablo, and then use the ‘Tablo Preview’ app - do you have the same issue?

I have the same issue with Tablo preview. I tried everythings since one week. Reset, unplug, uninstall, reinstall, factory reset, disk low level format, reformat, tried another router.
The problem is that tablo work fine but only on web browsers with on all of my devices. The Tablo application doesn’t work on all of my devices.
On Fire TV Stick 4K i need the application for my wife. Click on power button on Fire Tv Remote, click on Tablo app and that’s all. The best on all of my devices too. iPad, iphone, android phone, also windows.

I have the same issue with Tablo preview.

After 1 month and half the tablo support are unable to fix my issue with Tablo Quad and Firee Tv Stick 4K. The app doesn’t work. Never worked. They don’t want to resent a new one because they said it work. I can’t use it on my TV with Fire Tv Stick. Tablo support are the worse support that i saw.

I’ve reviewed your ticket with our support team, and they’ll be sending you a note shortly with some next steps and what we believe is a resolution. We sincerely apologize for the long turn around on this - we believe this ended up being the result of an atypical network issue.

Thanks for your support. My problem has been resolved.
But the respond time between each communications should be reduce to 3 days max. Not 1 month and a half. Your support 9am to 5 pm are really not usefull. You need to extend support at 8pm.