Tablo Quad Dead?

I have a Tablo Quad that has worked great for several years. Suddenly no longer connects to fire stick, phone, web app. Unplugged, rebooted, unistalled apps and still not connecting - just a blinking blue light on the Tablo box. Unplugged modem, Tablo box, antenna, WD hard drive and rebooted still not connecting - blue light still blinking. Thoughts?

You didn’t say if the tablo was connect by wire or WiFI.

But most bets would be the power supply. For $10 you can get a replacement from tablo and some have purchased one the proper barrel size and voltage from amazon.

Search the forum for info.

Connected by wire. Are you saying the power cord that came with the original Tablo set up needs to possibly replaced?


For the price, it’s definitely worth a shot. There’s very little that can go wrong inside the Tablo box but the symptoms you describe could be due to the AC adapter failing and not delivering enough juice to the device:

I did read about the power cord but was skeptical as it didn’t make sense why a power cord they provided would all of a sudden stop working. Guess I will purchase the new power cord since I don’t know what else to do. That being said seems like Tablo should provide this to it’s customers for free since it is a known issue.

Within a one year warranty yes I agree. After that, you’re on your own for the power adapter.

…the Tablo Quad has only been available for a few month short of 2 years - “Now Available” announcement March 28, 2019 Tablo QUAD OTA DVR for Cord Cutters Now Available

He likely means the OG Tablo 4-tuner.

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Yeah, you have to have “been there”. Way back it was referred to as either the 4-tuner version or some would refer to it as the “quad”. Even back then the original devices were know as the “Tablo DVR” which came in a 2-tuner or 4-tuner version. So the idea of “Tablo Quad DVR”, while maybe not an official name, is certainly understood to be either the original (what the community has coined OG) version, or the newer version.

Btw, I think Tablo hired the Roku guy when it comes to product naming.

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Similar to Windows 10 is a service - everyone has Windows 10… but there are different versions, or update levels of Window 10. So it the same, but different.

I get sometimes it’s just semetaics, but often with support, words matter :neutral_face:

Yes I have a Tablo DVR - 4 tuner.

I was able to get this solved with help from Tablo tech support following the below suggestion from them.

  • Make sure the Tablo is connected via Ethernet
  • Disconnect the power supply from your Tablo
  • Hold down the reset button
  • With the reset button held down, re-connect the power supply
  • Release the reset button as soon as the Tablo’s LED starts to flash

Does the Tablo’s blue LED turn solid now? Please give it a few minutes to complete it’s boot-up.