Tablo Quad currently unavailable Amazon

I had placed an order on May 9th on Amazon which says June 9th- July 10th for delivery.
Today Amazon is not accepting new orders.

Do you think they will cancel my order sometime in the future because they do not have a hard date they will be back in stock?

How realistic is the June 9th-July 10th for the delivery time frame? Definitely longer than that, shorter than that, about right?

Thanks from the impatient customer. :slight_smile:

New egg has them in stock

NEWS: Tablo QUAD Review & In-Stock Update

TechHive’s review of the new Tablo QUAD is out, and we’re excited it received an ‘Editor’s Choice’ designation! They say, “Tablo remains thebest all-around DVR for cord-cutters with antennas, with a slight edge to the newer Tablo Quad.”

Looking to buy a Tablo QUAD? More stock is on the way! Polish up your credit cards and keep an eye on the Tablo web store on Tuesday morning !

It looks like Tablo is expecting a new shipment on Tuesday. Just an FYI

Pretty sure he meant the actual Quad not the 4 tuner OG. As @3rdRockOKC posted though, more Quads in stock next Tuesday it sounds like.