Tablo Quad can tune only 3 live channels

Hello!! Just set up a Tablo Quad as a test-run to replace my Tivo-based whole-home system. During testing I noticed that I can only tune 3 different live channels at once. If I try a 4th it will stop one of the others. Is this working as designed? It is a 4 tuner setup, if I’m not recording anything why can’t I tune 4 live channels at once?

Huh… I started recording one channel and I can only watch 2 more live channels. Starting to look more like a Tablo “Tri” than a “Quad”. :slight_smile:

See the caveat after the Tuner Math Recap table in the following blog.

Also, check this Knowledge Base article.

Well!! That is EXACTLY what is going on. I have a very good home network so I had my settings all the way up. I lowered them to HD 1080p and I can get the 4 tuners going. Hmm… bummer. Now I have to make a decision. Do I really need 4 tuners. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the assistance.

I believe if you have 4 simultaneous scheduled recordings even if you use the Highest Quality Setting (1080 - 10Mbps, 720@60fps) the Tablo will record all 4 shows using the 1080p 10 Mbps setting. That is it will not record at 720p@60fps which would only allow 3 shows to record at one time. The key here is all recordings are scheduled in advance so they Tablo knows whether to pick the 1080p 10 Mbps or 720p@60fps recording quality.

Interesting. Thanks for the details.

That may be true if all 4 recordings start at the exact same time, but if one or more of those recordings start a minute or two later (which is happening more and more often) and at least one of the first recordings is on a 720p station, then only three recordings will record.

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