Tablo problems - loses connection, guide section missing or shows scheduled only, live tv doesn't show guide

So we’ve started having problems with our tablo (2 tuner version).
First it seems to lose connection. We’re accessing it via the Roku app. Unplugging it and plugging it back in doesn’t seem to help UNLESS you unplug it and wait for a while (say 30 minutes). Then plugging it back in let’s you connect just fine.

Secondly, some VERY weird things have been occurring lately. if you go to Scheduled, it doesn’t show anything at all.
If you go to GUIDE, and ONLY look at “all” then it shows you the shows you’ve scheduled (only). If you choose TV or movies or anything else, it doesn’t show anything at all.
Regardless, it stopped recording anything, whether it shows up under Guide (as scheduled) or not).

Lastly, if you go to live TV, everything just says “Loading”. We’ve got the lifetime subscription and only recently started having a problem with this.

I’m curious as to whether the Tablo device is failing or the hard drive. I’d love to trouble shoot the issue, but other than unplugging, wait, plug back in it doesn’t do much good. And THAT only helps us to be able to access the tablo to watch things we’ve already recorded.

Suggestions? It’s about 2 years old.

Maybe your database on the Tablo is corrupt?

Have you recently upgraded the firmware?

It was doing all of the above, and THEN I upgraded the firmware to see if that helped. It didn’t. Although I’m not sure if the “Loading” on the live TV was working before or after the firmware upgrade.

@ronnietablo It could be a database issue. Our support team will be able to figure out the root cause; feel free to send us a ticket.

Thanks. I opened one last night around 11:05pm.

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