Tablo Port Forwarding

This site will show your ip address assigned to you by your service provider.
In most cases this ip address can change ever 1 - 12 months.

You can also port check from this site.

First find out what your internal router ip address is?
my router ip address is linksys router Other router have different numbers

My tablo address is this number depends on router

If you goto your explorer or chrome browser and
type in (your device ip address) it should say
Tablo Server if you ping the tablo

To find your ip address download and run IP Scanner
It will show your device ip address.

Some times you can get this from your router

Your router assigns ip address to devices find out what the ip of your tablo.

When i click on remote access in settings
It said manual config and it gave me number to port forward

21131 to 8887
21130 to 80

Tablo external port 21131 internal port 8887 both tcp/xxx
Tablo external port 21130 internal port 80 both tcp/xxx

Save this in router and my tablo said.
Your Tablo is ready for remote access.
Enter what your tablo says to port forward not what you see online. search for your router port forward on

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