Tablo playback stopping during playback

I’ve experienced this problem two days in a row. While watching a CBS Morning news recording on my Apple TV, the playback stops. The scroll bar at the bottom of the screen is locked and I can’t advance or backup. If I exit the program and launch it again, it plays for a second or two and locks up again.

I have unplugged and replugged the Tablo and have restored Apple TV.

I have App 1.11.2 and tvOS 15.

Hi @sesweitzer - From time-to-time a blip in the broadcast can cause something like this, but it’s very strange that it’s reproducible and that it’s not allowing you to fast forward past that point.

Can you send over a video of what you’re seeing and put your Tablo in remote access mode so we can take a closer look?

Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. Unfortunately I can’t record a video. When I experienced the problem I rebooted Tablo and that started a new recording. When it finished, it deleted the earlier recording because I only keep one version of the show. If it happens again I’ll record a video of the problem.

  2. Remote access is on.



Unfortunately, there isn’t much for us to look at if the recording has already been deleted. Let us know if this happens again, and if possible try to capture what this looks like and keep the recording, and then we can take a closer look.

The problem occurred again this morning and I recorded a 39 MB video of the problem but don’t know how to send a video.

I did open an email ticket and attached the video to that. Also I tried to play the program on my iPhone and the same thing happens.

Thanks @sesweitzer We’re checking things out now.

When this happens, is the recording complete or are you watching a recording that’s in-progress?

In progress.

Is it possible that you’re hitting the ‘live’ mark?

i.e. You start watching 15 minutes behind, but with FFWDing commercials you’ve arrived at the section of the show that’s currently airing?

No. It is freezing. It won’t rewind either. When I looked at if from my phone several minutes later it was still stuck at that point. I just checked it again and it’s doing the same thing.

Were you able to log into our box?