Tablo picking channels

How does Tablo pick stations? Middle of night, no channel info on tv but channels are on all the channel 7. Channel 7 not picked up on Tablo. Same for another person in Austin market.
I know they are working on adding 7.5 DECADES

Some where, it’s be alluded that it picks HD channels with a strong signal… during a scan.

Other than that - what exactly are you asking?

If the channel name is not present, but there is a strong signal, would Tablo pick them?

Since I did not add to guide, I still have all the channel 7 coming in perfect. When I do a rescan. Channel name is missing, so they all get missed on Tablo. My TV finds the channels even with the name missing.

I’ve recently had channels channel change networks on subchannels and move or add some. I tried to rescan too soon and they didn’t pick up right. Eventually early AM, they broadcasted the name and things are looking up.

I’m not sure if this is related to what you’re dealing with …a channel with no name is a strange thing.

Same problem with my four tuner. I scan/rescan and literally, as I watch, multiple channels are erased and replaced by channels I can’t even receive and none of them have the correct guide info. I was told variously, that it was a problem with the 3rd. party guide; that the FCC wasn’t doing their job because they allowed too many channel overlaps. So, I cancelled the guide because it’s of little use to me. No problem; money refunded. The problem is still there. I notice that even though there is no reason to update my nonexistent guide, my guide shows it was updated during the night with the same wrong info. Strange. I’m assuming they are still working on it (reported in Aug '19) so when the trial period (which they generously comped) runs out, maybe everything will be fixed.

Edit: 10/31/2019. Still have the same problem. Tried blocking internet for Tablo on my router to avoid their so-called ‘update’. Didnt work. Tablo won’t work without an internet connection.I believe support has buried my bug report. All these guide complaints are actually features (snark) Tablo accesses our equipment in the middle of the night to gather our viewing profile for sale to other parties. Prove me wrong support guys!

Have you tried the workaround of entering a zip code for a nearby large town/city that gets the same stations you do?

KTBC was working on equipment. Everything back to normal by 7 am.

Thought I was replying to azdanno. Oh well.