Tablo pausing and then resuming after a bit of time

I’ve been using my Tablo 4 tuner more than typical due to the Olympics. I’ve noticed that the Tablo will have incidents where TV suddenly pauses and then after a minute or two it resumes. I noticed the problem seems to be worse with 1080 recording at 10Mbps.

  1. My network is great. Iperf wireless at 300+ Mbps on 5ghz and 90+ on 2Ghz throughout my house. I also used a cat 5 connection to see if wireless for some reason was a cause. The same issue occurred when wired.

  2. HDD that is on the recommended list.

  3. I did a factory reset and issue still persisted.

I only had 1 channel recording, NBC.

It seems the issue goes away when set to 720p. However, I do notice TV pause for a second when I opened the iPhone app while playing on my AppleTV.

Can the Tablo simply not drive the 1080 recording with 1 TV playing.

My tablo 4 tuner seems to work fine at 1080 P recording watching a live station. There is a little wait on live recordings but once started seems good. All stations are in the green on the antenna. You might want to have Tablo support take a look.

Seems to be happening now with 720 at 5Mbps. It’s not as bad as with 1080. Its also not NBC I’ve seen it happen on other channels.

Could it be a HDD going bad?

I’ll check with support.

@bigkoi - Please do send us a note. We’ll have a gander and see if we can get that fixed up for you.

I opened a support ticket last night. Thanks!