Tablo Pausing a lot

I just got my Tablo a few weeks ago, and it is now pausing a lot when I am watching.  I am running via my wi-fi, and using the Tablo app for the iPad.  It seems to be specific to a show, as an earlier recording seems to work fine.  I am using it on 1080, and not the 720 that it defaults to.  Anyone else having this issue?

If your Tablo is connected to your router via a wireless connection, this is likely the problem with a 1080p setting. The wireless speed is just not fast enough to stream 1080p content.

What is the brand and model of the router you are using? Not all routers are made the same, just because one is wireless N doesn’t mean you’ll get the throughput.

  1. Set the recording quality to 720p Roku / Chromecast and see how that goes
  2. Hard wire the Tablo to your router, the clients such as your iPad can be wireless

Wi-Fi speeds are “best case” and rarely actually connect and maintain that speed. Mine is a 300n and routinely drops from 300 back to 150 but that’s still faster than wired 100 Mbps Ethernet!

Gigabit Ethernet would be ideal but Tablo doesn’t have the chipset inside to support that apparently. Otherwise my Cisco gear could handle that. 
My desktop and notebook wired Ethernet run 1000 or 1 Gbps connection speeds and Wi-Fi just can’t touch that.
I have a Wi-Fi repeater I was running and the best my desktop could connect with it was about 78 Mbps, that’s 1/4 less than the wired Ethernet which I consider slow these days, so if your N Wi-Fi is doing under 100, change to the wire. 
Wi-Fi is rated best case so don’t go by the advertised speed, look and see what the actual throughput is at any given time. It’s possible it fluctuates, too - distance, EFI, all sorts of things can impact it, especially on the 2.4 band. 
5 is “quieter” but drops off worse at a distance although it does handle greater distances. 


If after switching to the Roku/Chromecast recording quality you continue to have issues, feel free to send me a note and we can take a look from here.