Tablo pairing question

Hypothetically speaking

If I had a tablo in Florida, and because I really liked it and wanted to acquire a 2nd tablo, establish both of them on my local network, then take the 2nd and ship it to somewhere in the mid-west, would it maintain pairing when it scanned for a new zip-code of channel line-ups in the mid-west ?

Or would it be better to establish a VPN between the 2 sites and pair that way ?

I think it would be fine, because I have done channel scan and my ipad pairing was maintained. (I don’t know if this would be true if I used an Android ipad or a phone.) I would not expect the pairing to be saved if you do a factory reset. I don’t know how to use a vpn so won’t comment on that.

I’m not sure - you can definitely pair over VPN, I do it all the time.