Tablo overheating solution

I just purchased a Tablo Quad with 1TB internal drive. I was a little nervous about the temperature it was running at, close to 210 degrees. My solution to this problem was to use an external cooler designed for laptops. Now the Tablo is running at 75 degrees. Hopefully, the unit will perform more consistently and have a longer lifespan. The cooler is available thru Amazon and is not that expensive. A bonus is that the fans light up in a complementary blue color matching the Tablo’s blue led.

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Thanks for the tip. Noticed my tablo overheating and intermittent failing yesterday.

My solution is to turn it off when I’m not using it. Save some energy…and money.

Hard for it to record shows when it’s turned off. I don’t think many users will want to do that.

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Not only do I use a laptop cooler, but I have a wifi smart plug connected to it that runs a schedule to turn the Tablo off between 3 am and 6 am.

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Isn’t that when it does daily maintenance and guide updates?

I don’t know, but my guide is up to date.

I just keep mine on a thick cookie sheet. It acts like a heat sink.

Dear, do we have any cookies?

No. Turn on the Tablo, it will take a bit.

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I had mine connected to a smart plug. Automated the recording schedules. It’ll automatically power on when it’s time for recording and power off when it’s done. No need to keep it on all the time.

My quad failed to record a 2 hour show last night. It’s saying hard drive is full when it was empty, Likely the drive a BarraCudda 2TB died just under 2 years old. I noticed that there was a LOT of heat coming off the top. Way too hot in my opinion. Looking at it, I see there is a casting in the mold on the bottom for a small fan. Getting the top off was easy, but to get the board out is another matter. Looks like little metal plates glued to the side with single wires soldered to them. Likely the antenna system. Would be nice to stick a Noctua in there. They work good, very low noise and and they last better then any other fan I’ve tried, though I do try to get the industrial IP67 or IP52 fans when I can.

I use a Thermaltake Variable speed USB powered fan to blow air at the front of the unit. I get power from the USB port at the back. Not as nice as the laptop cooler solution, though.

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Exactly what I would do if I had a problem. As it it I haven’t noticed my Tablo get hot. I may just monitor now just to make sure.

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