Tablo OTA using T-Mobile wireless router

We’ve been a long time Tablo users (5 yrs) and have had no problems, but have not really tried to use the Tablo while we were out of our house.

A year ago we purchased the T-Mobile wireless router. Recently, while traveling, we tried to access Tablo across the Internet. We were not successful. Upon return, I was able to determine that there may need to be some port reconfiguration in the router.

I spoke with T-Mobile and they said that they don’t have any mechanism to allow the redesignation of ports in their wireless router.

Has anybody run up against this? What did you do to make your Tablo work over the Internet?

If you are using T-Mobile home internet, you will not be able to use the remote features of the Tablo. I am not exactly sure what the issue is, but it has been around for a while.

CGNAT is the issue. All of the T-Mobile Home Internet customers are using private IP addresses controlled by T-Mobile. It’s just like the private IP addresses on your local LAN, managed by your router. Except at the carrier level. Tablo connect does not work in that environment. There’s no way to route a connection inbound to your home through the T-Mobile NAT system.


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