Tablo or WD Hard drive problem no storage?

After recording is setup and finishes the Tablo shows “Recording failed because no storage was available”. I replaced HD and nothing changed. Firmware is 2.2.42 now. I tried calling Tablo but not receiving their call back. it’s 1612hrs EST 15Jan2024. I’ll try anything

Couple of quick questions:

Were you able to record on the internal drive?

When you inserted the external drive, did you go through the format process in the app’s setting screen?

I didn’t know it had an internal drive. If I unplug the External it says no storage. The new HD did format as soon as I plugged it in.

Once you’ve formatted an external device, you have to reboot the Tablo after unplugging it off you want to use the internal again.

Unfortunately, if you HAD been able to record to the external, doing this will cause the Tablo to no longer recognize it.

Since you are unable to record on your external, I make the following suggestion… But keep in mind I don’t work for Tablo.

  1. Take out the external drive.
  2. Press reset the button on the button of the Tablo to reboot the device.
  3. Try recording onto that internal drive.

If all this works, then we know it’s capable of recording.

Because you’ve already used the Tablo to format the external, you won’t be able to just plug it back on and use it later. You will have to do a reformat on your computer first. Then, when and if you decide to try this again, go through the 4th Gen external device setup again.

Always go through the settings of your Tablo app to format any new drive for use on your Tablo. Make sure it gives you the proper storage overview for your drive, and that it says that you have space available.

Ask away you have further questions, and be sure to check that setup guide to make sure you’re following the correct steps for preparing your external disk. Good luck!

Which Tablo do you have? The 4th gen Tablo or one of the legacy models? Not all legacy Tablo models have internal storage.

Good catch! I saw the firmware version, went off of that… Didn’t even realize it’s not the latest for 4th gen. I hope @RxG see this in time to answer that.

My apologies. Thank you.