Tablo or Tablo Preview App?

Which is the newest App-- The Tablo App or the Tablo Preview App? AND-- which does the best job of connecting and not dropping the connection?

For what device? iPad? Android phone? Fire TV?

Fire TV Stick and LG Smart TV

Preview is always newer. It’s basically a public beta version.

Correct but the Fire TV Preview app is not feature par with the Original app. For example, it doesn’t support Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing).

Both are actively updated as of today, so try both and see which one you like better.

For Fire TV Stick preview would no doubt be a better option always.


The (regular) app for Fire TV devices works well for most. The (recently-released) Preview app also works well (from my experience), but does have a different GUI. It has the same interface as the Android TV app.

In both Fire TV apps, you can adjust all settings, sync, refresh guide data and even Rescan and Re-set your channel lineup, all from within the app. Best part is, you can use them side-by-side until you know which you’ll be more comfortable with.

Preview is a bit buggy for me when it comes to loading guide so for now I stick with Tablo… I will be checking it though when Preview is updated every now and then…

At some point, the Preview app will become the app, and I agree, they’ll be working to make meaningful changes on this before it becomes the default application for Fire TV devices.

I found that the Tablo preview shows more lines of channels to select, where Tablo shows less tv channels. Also I found that my CBS channel has trouble showing live programming on the Tablo connection only.

The best connecting is always hard wire via ethernet eliminate buffering even on highest quality 1080 setting, if you have to use wireless and your wifi router is older you might get buffering problem

How do you differentiate between the 2 different apps? They’re both just “apps in the App Store.

The icon should say Preview.

Nope…Icon says nothing in app store

Icon here says Preview.

Icon says Preview.