Tablo or hard drive

I have two Tablo duals, each with it’s own hard drive, both hooked up to the same antenna. I have had some issues (losing show pictures in the recording screens) and recently the 14 day guide turned off on its own. To me, this sounds like a failing Tablo, but not knowing how it interacts with the hard drive, I’m not sure. I am trying to figure out if I have a failing Tablo or hard drive, so just looking for opinions here.
Today, my wife went to watch Good Morning America and in one segment, there was overlapping music. No thumbnails were created, even hours after the show was over.
I also recorded the same show on the other Tablo and it was fine. It did generate thumbnails.
I’m wondering if my Tablo is dying or maybe the hard drive is going out. Any ideas? Thanks.

So the issues are only happening with one of the Tablo units?

Have you ever replaced the power supply?

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Appears to be. Replace what power supply?

The tablo power supply is that square black wart that plugs into the power outlet.

But since you have 2 tablos it’s easy to test if it’s the power supply. Just switch the switch the power lines bbetween the 2 units and run for a few days to see if the problem follows the power supply.

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The Tablo power supply. The one time I had some really odd behavior I realized we had had several power outages immediately prior to that and on a hunch bought a replacement power supply just to see if that was the issue and it actually was.

Ok, thanks. The wall wart thing didn’t register in my thick skull… duh! :blush:

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