Tablo only recorded 30 minutes of hour program

Perhaps this has been reported earlier. Any suggestions?

Either HDD disconnect issue or OTA signal issue.

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I kinda do not suspect either condition actually happened.

I notice that programs actually occupying a 30-minute program guide slot also record 35 minutes like my hour-long program did, so I would like to add program guide glitch to the list of possibilities.

I am set to record three network hour-long news broadcasts starting at 4:00 local time and will see how they perform.

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You are so very right, Philsoft. My apologies for not being observant. Guess I need new glasses. :nerd_face:.

Now to see how my three simultaneous 1-hour recordings at 4:00 pm work out. If I were to see all of them show up with short recording times I would have a better sense of the possibility of a hard drive disconnect.

So little to do…so much time…:walking_man: