Tablo on tv out of state

I am vacationing and can see my Tablo on my cell, but can’t see it on the tv that the Tablo app is installed on. How do I get the TV app to work?

Has the TV you are using on vacation been paired with your Tablo in your home?

Tablo Connect only works with devices that have been on your home network and previously paired with your Tablo. Some people have gotten around this limitation by using a VPN to access their home network.

You will likely want to purchase an Amazon Firestick (first paired/used on your home network as mentioned) for vacation/traveling purposes. I have one pretty much reserved for travel, whereas I use Roku at home (Roku sticks don’t support out of home streaming)

thanks all, I had it paired to my cell, so just cast it to the tv. Will get a new roku for travel

Roku doesn’t support remote connect