Tablo on Roku devices. What happens when you travel with Roku

so I have Tablo working the way I want it to on Roku. I have to travel a lot for my work and take my Roku with me to various hotels while I travel. I would love to still be able to watch Tablo on my Roku when I’m outside my home network.


You need to enable remote access in your Tablo settings before leaving home. Then as long as you are able to connect your Roku to the hotel TV & the hotel has wifi then it should work.

Roku cutrently does NOT suport Tablo Connect.

And still no fix in sight.

Not a “fix” scenario in this case, it’s a feature add and requires (I believe) a bit of help on the Roku side (or radical redesign on the Tablo side).

Since tablo remote connect has never been a Roku feature, you would think that if a user found tablo remote connect all that important, instead of spending months wishing Roku remote connect would come true they would have bought a Fire TV stick and ended their frustration.

Wouldn’t have Amazon hardware if they were giving it away.

True, but be that as it may Tablo has moved with glacial speed to make it a reality.

Like I said, this might not be “all” on Tablo’s side (unless you consider the radical redesign comment, but that could take a really really long time, unless they’re already working on it).

There are other non-remote connect features that the Roku app doesn’t support. After a while if you either pick a different app or go a different direction.

Really, glad I don’t have Roku’s.

FYI - we haven’t forgotten about this.

I believe this is mentioned elsewhere, but Roku, Apple TV and the new Tablo Preview app for Android TV/FireTV use our REST API for communication between the apps and your Tablo.

This API does not have Tablo Connect compatibility yet which is why those apps don’t yet support out-of-home streaming.

This is still something we’re very much interested in doing, and as we move more apps/devices to the newer API, the more important it will be to cross it off the to-do list.

I did buy a FireTV stick to travel with. I also have a Mi Box and a Nexus Player.