Tablo on my Pixel phone won’t connect

I originally set up my Tablo 4th Gen on my Pixel 8 phone. I now have it installed on my Sony TV and my Fire TV cube. Both of these work fine pretty much problem free.

However, for some reason when I went back to my pixel phone, it wanted to redo the set up all over again and gets to the “How do you want to connect” and I select Wi-Fi and then it says wait for your Tablo to start blinking, which never happens and you can’t get past that point. I have restarted the Tablo and same result.

I have removed the app and reinstalled, but it does the same thing. It wants to redo the initial set up like it’s the brand new Tablo first time setup, which doesn’t work as above.

Why can’t the app on the phone just connect to the existing Tablo setup? Does anybody know how get past this block?

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I’m confused.

Do you want to redo your entire setup? Or do you just want to connect to your Tablo on your phone?

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I have encountered this issue with my Android phone (Pixel 7a) on occasion (though pretty rare).

Try rebooting your Tablo and your router. That should clear it up and be able to have your phone connect automatically.

When I have encountered this on Android, clearing the app data (not just the cache), then opening the app and entering my Tablo account username and password has always fixed it. I have never had to actually delete the app and reinstall it. However, if reinstalling didn’t work for you, then maybe there is another issue.

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I’m having the same issue. Was working fine, but opened it in the app on another device (tv) and now cannot get it back on my phone.
I already connected it, the blue light is solid showing it is connected, where did it go?

Is your Tablo and phone on the same network?

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No, I do not want to redo the entire setup, just want to access Tablo on the phone. All devices using Table and my phone are on the same network.

Yes it is.

I actually have a new Router so that qualifies as a reboot. Same problem both routers. I have tried rebooting the Table several times. Also after a couple of brief power outages my other devices reconnected with no problem. Phone did not.

Thanks! This worked, and I am back in.

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Go to App Store go to Blue Tablo App and hit “open” on the new Tablo App.
Mine jumps right into the App starting front page .