Tablo on my iPhone


One week into my new Tablo - we love it so far!

It’s working fine on my wife’s Android phone, my Fire Tablet HD, but not so much on my iPhone. The app does everything on my iPhone except play video.

When I tap a ‘play’ button, I see the loading thing circling, then when it looks like the video is about to start the app takes me back to the screen where I just tapped the ‘play’ button.

I’m using an iPhone 6s, and have iOS 13 beta 4 on it. I know it might be because I’m using iOS 13, but I thought I’d post here in case I’m missing something.

Btw, iOS 13 has been working great on my phone with all of the apps I have on there since the beta 3 version.


Thanks for the heads up - we’re investigating the iOS Beta to see what we can do.


Wow! Thanks for the quick reply!

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Same Issue here!!!


Same problem on iOS 13 beta 4