Tablo on my Android phone

Trying to connect to my home network via the Tablo app on my phone. It doesn’t connect. Do I need to be on WiFi? I have a good LTE connection. I want to record a program. My PC at home is on.

Yes, you need to connect to the Tablo using the Tablo Web app while the Android device is on the same local network as the Tablo. So yes, connected to your home WiFi.

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I believe that is a one time requirement. My own experience used to be pretty good on a 4G connection. Now with 4G, or a wifi hot spot either one, the duty cycle of streaming versus locked up is about 90%. It will play a couple of seconds, then frozen for ten or fifteen seconds. So it is completely useless, though I try from time to time. It is all I can do to keep my wife from calling Comcast, which is expensive but the doggone thing works, whereas the whole Tablo system barely works, and then only if one is willing to downgrade video, sound, GUI features, etc. Hard to justify.

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Thanks, that explains it. I never watch on my phone but setting up a recording when I think of it would be cool. I’ll connect it when I get back home.

It’s a one time requirement unless you have to repair, which happens sometimes when something is upgraded. Whenever pairing, it has to be on WiFi on the same WiFi network as the Tablo.

Do you have Plex? If so, try the Tablo Plex channel

I thought I had it at one time but it must’ve broke during an update.

No, I don’t have Plex on my phone but I probably should. It’s wonderful on my home TV.