Tablo offline notification

On occasion, my Tablo has become disconnected from my network, either by a network error or, some unknown reason. With the Tablo disconnected, I run the risk of not being able to record a scheduled show.

I’d like to request a feature to notify me when my Tablo has become disconnected from the network. A quick notification will allow me to respond to the problem in a timely fashion and allow me to potentially save a recording.

I’m not disputing your feature request, but with my limited knowledge…
I don’t believe that the Tablo needs a network connection to record programs.
The network connection is needed to schedule program recordings and view your recorded programs.

I assume “my network” is your private LAN. And if you are using a non-HDMI model it is basically a headless device.

So wouldn’t this be a chicken or the egg problem where you need the LAN to notify you that the LAN is not working.

Are you using DHCP reservations? You set it up in your router.

As noted, your tablo does not need to be connected to your network - other than when rebooting/powering on to set the time - for actual recording …presuming it’s not disconnected from an antenna and storage device :neutral_face:

Again, as noted, if your tablo has no network connectivity, how does it notify you? Or you suggesting tablo’s servers routinely ping your device, for example, and notify you when there’s no response? (but this will only know it’s not connected via internet, not your local network)

Or, you want your tablo to routinely “phone home”; aka data mining, and get notified when it doesn’t?

Either of these would likely have a fee associated with them, maybe.

This is an assumption on my part, but they may also be talking about the fact that if it is disconnected from the network that implies it also doesn’t have internet access, which means if it it stays disconnected at some point the guide data would become stale and future “series record” shows may fail to record the latest episode because the guide data doesn’t indicate there is a show to record.

Since no one knows if the network is now considered permanently down, a temporary situation, if tablo ever worked, the model of tablo, if the tablo is connected to the router via Wired/WiFi, or if the playing device is connected via wired/WiFi, if the problem exists on multiple tablo apps, wouldn’t it be easier to have the user fix the network problem.

Yea, a lot of guess work at play. I realized there are situations people are away or otherwise busy, but guide data is out 14 days before it’s stale. Although it could happen.

If you haven’t accessed your tablo for a couple weeks to know it’s not connected…
If you are unable to (not local) connect for that long, you’re not there to do much about it.

A manual guide update after 14 days is painfully slow. I just turned one of my units on to get the new firmware. And it only has 25 channels.

DrJack…Thanks for the reply. Your response seems very plausible.

Thanks to all that replied. You’ve given me more to think about and a better understanding of how the system works.

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