Tablo not working on Windows 7 PC


Whether the Browser is still “supported” just means whether the development organization will issue new releases. Not whether your current version works properly. You don’t necessarily need a new version if what you have isn’t broken or there isn’t some fantastic features you just have to have.

I’m still running the last XP release of Chrome (Version 49.0.2623.112 m) on one PC and it work fine.


My quiet gripe is with the HDHomeRun DVR. There seemed to be numerous twists and turns that were not very well identified. There were necessary considerations that were barely mentioned. Ultimately, I had to manipulate several different pieces of software and still ran into temporary roadblocks. Then, just when I thought I had finally made it over the hump, I discovered the device can only record (HDHomeRun Extend) if it operates under Windows 10.

Using the HDHomeRun DVR to only watch live TV (OTA) is an unnecessary expense - one can watch live without too much fuss or expense. It’s almost not worth it at all if you can’t record!


You can use the Plex DVR software with the HDHomeRun on Windows 7 no?


There is also the channels app if you have iOS devices.


Have no idea. The path I’ve taken is with YouTube TV. Around $40 monthly, no guide rental, no software (other than an app on the TV) and no DVR. Receive 50 channels, including my local “major” stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW). All of it is streaming and/or live, with unlimited recording via the cloud. Recordings can be saved as long as 9 months. No contracts.

In an emergency, I’ve got a couple of DVRs I can use as some sort of backup (for OTA channels). Renting a schedule makes life easier with many DVRs, but you can sort of roll your own if necessary.

Life is good - again!

For a really interesting, ultra-cheap approach, check out these two items - GooBangDoo - despite it’s name, you can order it from Amazon without hassles from your credit card company and the LaVa - supposedly marketed by Sears - also available via Amazon. The MediaSonic is essentially the same device as the LaVa - they each sell for around $40. Based on my own research, this is about the cheapest approach to cutting the cord I’ve seen so far. The GooBangDoo is so simple, yet so versatile. If you can create a “path” between your device (Roku, SlingBox, etc.) you can put this gizmo “in-line” and record virtually anything. There’s no guide - in fact there’s not much of anything - it doesn’t even connect to your LAN or the internet. It’s kind of like having an old VCR without a clock in it!


I got Chrome to work again by deleting some Google registry entries.