Tablo not working on Safari 10.0.1 and Sierra

Hi all,

New MacBook Pro laptop with all the updates. Tablo works fine in Chrome. In Safari, Tablo loads, shows all my recordings, shows the live TV lineup, but when I click on anything, I get a place-holder screen and it never plays. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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@MarkPekala I’m running on the same specs without any issues. Do you have any extensions/add-ons enabled in Safari? If you do, can you try disabling them and re-trying this? If not, try deleting the Tablo from the portal and re-syncing to it.

This is the same problem I get in safari but I am not on Sierra…

On a mac mini at 10.11.6 with latest safari and chrome browsers and both work fine. I don’t use them much for Tablo, but after a long sync ~2 mins they both work fine. Tried thumbnail forward and 30 sec and 20 sec as well as the dot bar and all worked just fine. I also tried Firefox and it found Tablo ok but never did complete the sync.

ericgus, have you figured this out yet? I’m not getting anywhere.

Same exact problem with Safari. I am using OS 10.11.5. Table on my AppleTV and on my iPad works great. Just not on my laptop.

Same problem. Tablo runs in Chrome but not Safari. Sierra 10.12.3, Safari 10.0.3 & Tablo 2.2.12