Tablo not working on roku or android phone

Tablo did an update/fix recenlty (2/24) for tablo 4th generation. The update was supposed to fix an issue with roku depleting memory for tablo dvr causing zero playback.
Had issues ever since this updat. It has gotten progressively worse last 2 days. Multiple resets of both roku and tablo and even phone. No playback from dvr or live shows at this time. Every once and a while I will get a spinning disk or just a black screen.
I have done a couple of scans and channel updates as well. No luck.
Is anyone else having this issue.

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We need some more deets on your home network?

Is the Roku AND the tablo wirelessly connected? Or are they hardwired?

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I was sitting in my room with the roku, tablo and my phone working off the home 2.4 wifi. I was getting 1mgbs on the roku express in the room where i usualy get 30-40 mgbs. The tablo in the room was stating it could not connect to the wifi.
I restarted those components several times. Started to unplug things. Found the culprit was on old nanny cam we installed in the room around the same time as the tablo update.
It is also in the room and extremely close to the roku express.
I don’t know if it was just interferring with the roku or both. I think both because my phone tablo app was not working as well.
Now with the disconnection of the nanny cam when the kids are here should do the job. will test it starting today.
Thanks for getting back to me.
I will ask for more help if this does not solve the problem.

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Sounds like good news.

But if you had turn off your nanny cam for the tablo to work… it seems like it was hogging up the wireless bandwidth. If your router has this feature, enable Airtime Fairness.

In the end, you could just need a router with more horsepower.

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Yes,my Tablo hasn’t worked for two days,I reset everything and all it does it act like it’s trying to hook up, nothing with my wifi has changed,no other devices on my wifi are having any issues,this has become an expensive useless box

What do you mean by this?