Tablo Not Working in Safari 15.1 on iMac 12.0.1

Recently I noticed that I am no longer able to view Tablo TV (using programs via Safari version 15.1 on my iMac version 12.0.1. When I try to access the Tablo TV, the Search Again button does nothing.

It does still work on my Tablo Apps on both my iPhone and iPad. This is true ONLY for Apps, not web access with a browser.

I have also tried to access Tablo TV using a Chrome browser. This works, but there is no sound. It’s exactly the same with a Firefox browser, picture, but no sound.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



Interesting. I have an M1 Mac Mini running macOS 12.0.1, and Safari 15.1. I just tried it, and it works perfectly connecting to my Tablo (quad). Just thought I’d let you know since it’s unlikely to be a macOS or Safari issue.

You might try looking to see if you have any Safari content blockers enabled. I have mine turned off for

Forgot to mention this issue only happens on my Late 2015 iMac. It works fine on my 2020 Mac Mini with M1 chip.

Is your iMac on the same network as your Tablo?

Are you running a VPN on your iMac?

Everything is on the same network.

On my iPad it works if I use the Tablo App but not if I use Safari Broswer. Same with iPhone.

Just discovered the culprit. Apple iCloud Private Relay. If it’s on, Safari cannot find Tablo. If it’s off Tablo is located!

Thanks for your input.

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I also experienced the web interface failing to connect to my Tablo when iCloud Private relay is enabled. I also cannot connect when I use the Safari Privacy Preference options “Prevent cross-site tracking” or “Hide IP address from trackers and websites”. (The “trackers” only option alone seems be OK). (Macos 12.2.1 and Safari 15.3.)

As these privacy options have a browser wide scope, it seems like I am giving up a lot of privacy protections for all the web sites I visit. It would be helpful if Tablo would provide a Mac app like they do for Windows.


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Private relay is effectively using a VPN. You are isolating yourself from your network as far as network discovery is concerned.

I was late to the party but I thought the info might be helpful to future users. I did not find detailed setup documentation or setup information for web access from Tablo. (Not complaining-I just set it up today and the hardware and software is terrific.)