Tablo not staying paused

When I pause live tv, the tablo only pauses for a few minutes. This happens when using either a Roku Stick or Roku 3.

That’s a Roku bug, mate. The Roku has some sort of memory limit, and once it fills up it starts playing again.

The live TV buffer is only recorded for 60 minutes on the Tablo HDD. Were you paused for longer?

It only pauses for a few minutes.

As stated above, this is a limitation of the Roku. It varies by Roku model and the Tablo Quality setting. You can lengthen the time by lowering the quality.

At a setting of 5mbps I have never ran into the limit on the Roku Ultra but run into it often on a Roku 3.

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep it in mind.

If it’s a Roku bug, how come Plex on Roku can stay paused forever, yet, on the same Roku Tablo cannot.
It MAY be a Roku buffer limitation, but it’s Tablo that should be buffering while paused, not the playback device.
Tablo records EVERYTHING to disk so, as long as there’s disk space, it should know that a given playback stream (even live is really a playback stream) is paused and buffer until either the user “stops” (buffer discarded in live mode), changes channel (same as stop), or continues play (starts from buffer position noted when pause was pressed).
It’s poor design to have the player buffering during pause and the Tablo continuing to send the stream in real time.

I believe the OP is talking about pausing live TV. I’m not saying something better couldn’t/shouldn’t be implemented but comparing that to non-live playback of a static file in Plex isn’t necessarily comparing apples and apples.

But you know, Tablo could use the attached storage for Live TV temporal recording space. In fact, if they’re not doing that, then they are using the small amount of memory on the Tablo (built-in). You’d think that would be the limitation, not sure why the Roku is involved at all.

If they used the attached disk, things like Live pause and even record now are possible. Hopefully things they’re thinking about.