Tablo not showing all guide data

Several channels do not show guide data, I’ve tried emailing Tablo with no response.


I assume these are FAST channels. I don’t get any of those. Maybe they don’t exist any more.

No, they exist, I can watch them, just no guide to what is on.

I re-scanned and didn’t see them. I’ll trade you some spanish FAST channels and a shopping channel for any of these.

I already have those. Beats the crap out of me why I have to watch spanish commercial on english channels, but there are no english commercial on spanish channels.

I’m trying to learn spanish, so I try to watch some of the shows, but they speak too quickly for me to be able to keep up.

Right now I’m having a problem where every channel in Tablo pauses then restarts from the beginning or somewhere before where I was watching. Definitely think Table isn’t ready for prime time, seems more in a beta phase.

I don’t watch much linear TV. But I haven’t seen that on Roku. And when I do I only watch by channel number in the grid.

On Scripts News and other EW Scripts channels.