Tablo not seen in shared devices on Mac or Windows

I would like to use the Jettsoft Tablo Exporter for ripping my DVR’d content onto my Macbook Pro 2011 (running El Capitan). Problem is, I need to see the Tablo DVR in the sidebar device list, but it’s not there. I have a Windows Desktop running 8.1 and cannot get it to show up in the devices list there either. My preference is the Macbook because I like how Tablo Exporter will use Plex naming.

So, my question is: How do I get the Tablo to show up? It was hard wired, but I moved it to wi-fi hoping that might change it. But, it still doesn’t show up.

Is it a router problem? I have an ASUS RT-N66U. I’m not too tech savvy, but can do a few things with explicit instructions.

The Tablo Exporter is the right tool for me. I’ve seen other methods, and like this particular one and all that is stopping me is the Tablo DVR not being there for me to find videos from.

Tablo Export will find the devices, you don’t need them to show up in finder


I had attempted to use just the Tablo Exporter, but my one and only Tablo is not showing up in the list. Does this take a long time to find?

No it should find it right away. What version of Tablo and what version of the Exporter??

OK - I didn’t look at the Tablo Firmware version before I ok’d a new update prompt this morning. I’m hoping that fixes it. I had not logged into my Tablo through IOS in a long time so I expected there might be an update prompt yesterday, but never got one. This morning, it was there.

Unfortunately, I forgot to switch it back to Ethernet. It’s been on “Retrieving Update Information” after downloading/install/re-boot for about 25 minutes now. I have to leave for about 2 hours shortly and will leave my iPhone home, plugged in. It will be another 30 minutes before I leave. I hope it’s done.

Is this unusual for wifi? It downloaded the update rather fast (I have 110/10 Mbps). I think this is the last stage of the update that is taking so long.

I’m back home now and the Tablo firmware had updated before I left. I now have 2.2.12, HTML Application 1.0.27.
The ASUS RT-N66U was already running the latest firmware. I last updated that some months ago and it’s not showing any new updates.
I’m trying to run Tablo Exporter on a Macbook Pro (late 2011) running El-Capitan, 10.11.6. The only hardware changes made was a RAM upgrade to 16 last year.

As far as network connections go, the Tablo appears to be running fine after the update. On the IOS things are working normally, and I was able to get my remote access back after one re-try. I’m streaming a program right know in HD and it seems good.

I re-booted the Tablo and the Macbook Pro to re-connect to Ethernet. But, first, I opened the jar file on Tablo Exporter, and it still was not seeing my tablo listed. It’s an empty list. That’s when I re-booted the Tablo again to re-connect to the Ethernet, along with the Macbook Pro again. Here again, no Tablo is listed.

I’m wondering if this is a problem with my router settings. I’m not that fluent in these things, but I have managed port-forward for Tablo and Plex. I see the Tablo connected on Ethernet and the Macbook Pro connected on wi-fi.

Let me know if other info is needed. Thanks in advance for the help.

If you are talking about the Tablo update I think it would depend on what version you were on before. But it does seem strange. You may need to open a ticket with support.

ok. Thanks.