Tablo not Recording Properly

Hello, I am finding that my Tablo Quad 4-tuner is recording a different program than I picked to record. I have since deleted all the ones that did this ‘off’ recording but I kept screen shots of some. This had happened about 4 times since setting up the Tablo on 2-28-2022(purchased from Amazon on 2-09-2022). Here’s a pic. I recorded ‘The Thing about Pam’ but it recorded ‘This Is Us’. See the chyron at top of picture but recorded a different show. See that it’s 12 minutes in and it shows the ‘This Is Us’ actors. Is anyone else having this problem? What is happening here?

Sounds like it could be a guide problem. Make sure you have the right zip code in the settings.

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I also suspect a guide issue. I have never had this problem and never heard of this problem accept in a few one off instance that turned out to be related to the guide. If it isn’t an incorrect zip code I would watch for any patterns like it happening on a specific channel or show.

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Have you verified that your Tablo has the correct time/DST? Your Tablo should get its time from your router or one of the devices you use to access it. If those devices have the wrong time set, it will affect your Tablo.

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Yes, it’s the correct postal code. This Tablo Quad is ethernet to the router. I have time that automatically switches on my computer so that should host the time/DST, correct? I did not
know a router or modem have time involved? Pondering here… I’m thinking some of these ‘off’ recording might have happened about the time of the time change on March 13, 2022 this year but the dates aren’t matching up. A 9pm airing would have been hours before any time change even if on the day of time change. Would it depend on where the TV schedule is coming from? Maybe where Tablo picks up these schedules is many hours different from my time…?? 99502 (schedule wholesaler at a distance?) I will watch and see if there are more ‘off’ recordings. Dang! I hope that’s all it is… and nothing more.

The correct time is important but that isn’t the issue unless all your recordings are incorrect. I would consider this a fluke and not worry unless it happens again. In which case I would not delete the recordings in error and I would open up a support ticket with Tablo. It’s likely a guide issue and they’re the only ones that can fix that.