TABLO not receiving WFAA in Dallas area

Recently started having problems receiving WFAA and all of its sub-channels. (Recently had problems with Channel 5.1 and 5.2 changing frequencies…rescan and add channels resolved that)

Tried a rescan and it seems that everything coming off the WFAA tower is giving me 1 red dot for signal where it used to be 5 green dots. Anyone else in the DFW are having the same issue?

FYI, I am located in McKinney

I’m not having trouble receiving WFAA, but I have a large antenna. They broadcast on VHF 8 (RF, not just virtual channel), which can be tougher for a lot of small antennas. What part of DFW are you in, and what antenna are you using?

I;m seeing some of the same issues - also with my Tivo. I’m suspecting some of this has to do with frequency reallocation. I’m not sure if the weather and increase foliage also plays a role, This is my first summer with the Tivo, I got my Tablo last November or thereabouts.

I’m going to note down the channels on my selection, try a re-scan and see what comes up. Wifey is getting impatient again with the many interruptions to her viewing habits.

What I did notice on a TIVO channel update was a lot of new/overlapping channels. I’m wondering if someone reading at this has a good source for what’s happening with channel lineups and frequency reallocation. I recall TIVO came up a few times with a warning that the channel lineup has changed. When I looked at it today I was gobsmacked. So many channels, so many apparent overlaps.

Live in McKinney. Have a 20 year old radio shack yagi that up until the latest tablo update was doing great. I did have issues when NBC DFW 5 changed their frequency but as I said a rescan/add channels fixed that. Not so in this case. Showing 1 red dot signal. Looked at my antenna at it doesn’t appear to have been repointed . Pointing @ 202 degrees towards cedar hill

You’re not too far from me then. has me use 193 degrees, but then I’m a bit West of you in Frisco. Your antenna looks good and should be ok for VHF channel 8. As i said I’m not having any problems with WFAA. If things had previously been good, has anything else changed? New buildings? Added a splitter for an additional TV?

I am really suspecting freq change but rescan SHOULD have picked it up. Guess I’ll call tablo tomorrow and let them get into the unit I also have a Tivo BUT it is a cable model so spectrum has handled any issues

I’m in Frisco too (far N. Frisco, almost to Prosper), no problems with channel 5 (post repack).

Nah. Nothing else has changed. Tomorrow I’m taking a tv up to the attic and connect directly to the antenna.

I have noticed I AM getting a picture now, but it is very choppy and tons of buffering. But still only 1 red dot

I said 202 degrees, BUT after looking again at, it shows 196 . Heck it’s been so long since I got up on the roof and installed the antenna, I am thinking that it was most likely 196 that I used. At 71, memory doesn’t remember trivia like that from a year ago. :thinking:

For what it’s worth, I just checked the diags screen on one of my Samsung TVs, and for channel 8 it’s reporting the same 33dB SNR that it’s been reporting for as long as I can recall.

Thanks Stu…Like I said, taking a TV to the attic tomorrow. Gonna start troubleshooting at the highest point.

Problem solved…seems the amplifier/splitter i was using (an old Radio Shack from probably @ 20 years ago when we moved here and the same time I bought my antenna . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) has either gone flaky or just got hot in the attic.

Connected back up the amplifier that TWC/Spectrum had placed years ago and all is good.

Time to rescan/ add channels to get the weak signals.

Thanks all for the input

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Most excellent!! I hope you got in the attic early today before the temp got too high

Oh sure…right after lunch and since you are in Frisco, you know how “cool” it was. :slight_smile: . Had to change shirt afterwards…it had gained about 5 lbs of moisture

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You could have sent a nasty letter to WFAA and told them that you’re not going to watch their crummy station until winter. :smile:

Are you in the WFAA area?..EDIT…oh yeah went back and reread the previous posts and realize that YOU are in Frisco, I stupidly thought StuTomato was, on an earlier post…

You’ve no idea how MANY damn messages I’ve left on their website and FB page complaining about their stupid dang commercials about themselves that start out with the audio over 3db louder than the middle/end of the ad. And their stupid new nonsense sound they utilize when they change story lines. Some tinkly sound…

I do unfortunately prefer their local news over the other local channels…all except that ass Dale Hansen. Don’t care at all about sports, so switch him off as soon as he comes on. AND, they have more than a few prime time series I enjoy.

Rant over for now…stepping off soapbox . :roll_eyes:

CJ and I are both in Frisco. :slight_smile:

To me the biggest mistake WFAA made was staying VHF (in fairly flat N. Texas). Of course, they may not have had a choice.

So I take it then that 4, 5, 11 and 13 took off to the UHF range? And, of course, all of the local broadcast UHF channels. I was amazed the first time I did a channel scan on a TV (not attached to a cable provider) and close to 90 channels showed up

Years ago I took off into the world of computers and database management so I lost track of all of that. Up until 1991, I was into telecommunications working at SWBT and managing the local Dallas video shop for a couple of years.