Tablo not ready for prime time

Not the expert here but if I read that right you disconnected your hard drive and then reformatted your Tablo which means all of your recorded content is still on your hard drive and it just needs to have the database copied to your new Tablo to recognize that drive and its content which is the process that is followed when you replace a Tablo. Tablo support should be able to get you up and running fairly easily. Hope this is correct and it goes that smooth for you!

Although I’m fairly new to Tablo, having only had it a month, I’d advocate for patience and understanding. It’s a relatively small company, certainly compared to Tivo. It’s having to create clients on multiple platforms (that are all themselves still being developed) concurrently and likely utilizing different languages and technology. It’s also got its own firmware under development to bring us new functionality, better reliability and greater compatibility regardless of whether we subscribe to the guide or not, and with no additional fees. They’re smart enough to have developed a backdoor onto the unit so as to provide customer support for us. Got both ethernet and wifi network connections, so we can choose which works best for ourselves. They’ve got management over Android, iOS and Web app. They most likely are also developing with intellectual property in mind, and likely developing additional hardware.

I could probably find more to mention but I think everyone should get my point. While I can see how some people want it to just work (ala Apple), I can’t think of any consumer electronics that doesn’t have face issues. The various dvr products that I’ve had between Uverse, Comcast, Dish and going back to Replaytv all have had various bugs or functions I wish they had. I personally appreciate that they’re still developing and providing support for us.


Until you can fix tablo, why don’t you make it possible to go back to previous version. It worked a lot better until you screwed it up. Sorry but I am tired of fooling with this thing. I can’t even watch the news for the loading please wait. Also it takes 4 minutes to access my recordings. This is truly a screwed up machine.

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@jack - Sorry to hear that. Reverting to an older version may not always be possible. Have you touched base with support regarding your issues?

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Called support and it has been a month and still no call back. I started from scratch and so far so good but if it happens again I’ll let you know

@John_Welborn_Jr - So sorry you didn’t receive a return phone call. :pensive: That doesn’t meet our standards.

Please do let us know if you need any further assistance.

So losing all your recording not once but twice is no big deal? Who would have thought. I guess I was asking to much for a dvr that actually works.

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That’s how I feel about tablo support twice my tablo has failed to respond and both times I had no choice but to format and start over. If I had to do it all over I would have went with TiVo my friend has one at it works. maybe I got a lemon.

@TabloTV I think @KSum meant live support to 7:00 Central Time, and at least four hours sometime on Saturday. The hours that you have support are the same hours the majority of people are working.

I’m so disappointed with the company and the product/service they are offering.

Me too, left two messages on the supposedly support voicemail, and nobody ever called back.

I see very old request for features/bugs being answered by a moderator as: good idea! We will add that! Working on it! And still nothing after a year…

Seems to be the same thing with the new AppleTV:
Yes! We plan on doing an app! Stay tuned…
Yeah right. They can’t even make the product correctly record every new episodes of a series or not disconnect randomly from AirPlay, or not buffering for no reasons.

There is not enough people involved in this company, working on this product.
It’s sad, because it was very promising.

My thoughts exactly Tablo would be a nice product if it worked as advertised. sounded good on paper I even bought a lifetime to the program guide but hind. Sight 20/20 My only hope now is that some big companie with the know how buys thems out. I think they may have bitten off more than they can chew. I have the new and old Apple TV and Roku and both have trouble play Tablo but everything else plays fine on both YouTube WATCH ABC Netflix Feeln and so on. Watching a tv show on a local network shouldn’t have to stop and buffer or take 2 minutes to start playing again after you FF a program. Maybe they sould only support one Apple TV Roku Fire TV and make it the best at streaming on one product instead of many. I would rather have it support one really well than many that don’t work.:rage:

Wow, I’m an early adopter of technology, I waited on Tablo, and I have only had it a little over a week but I can safely see other than a few minor annoyances my wife and I are fairly impressed. I jumped on this forum to see what was happening with those bugs and not only do I see support addressing the issues but also the CEO. I’m kind of thinking this is good and they will get the issues resolved. None the less I am impressed with how well Tablo works right now. Me personally out of the box I would say Tablo is a B+/A- rating and I can certainly see it moving solidly to a solid A rating in my technology world. It is far more stable than a lot of other technology that has made its way into my home. Keep up the good work guys, you can’t please everyone.


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My biggest complaint right now is - damn it I bought the two tuner and I should have bought the four tuner - LOL.


Let me amend your statement a little:

“Folks that don’t want to deal with those growing pains should not whine until they have matured for a few years.”


I can say after having used Tablo now for several months that the FireTV app works, works well and reliably, and has never given me any issues. So if you want one app that works really well, I recommend the FireTV. Of course, my experience is with AFTV 1st generation - I have no experience with the 2nd generation or the streaming stick. Likewise, the Android app has always worked reliably for me and the iPad app has worked reliably for my husband and the PC web app seems to work fine - although I do not watch much on my PC. The only device I have seen problems with is the Roku, which is also the device that seems to be mentioned on these forums a lot.

You can never be too rich, too skinny, or have too many tuners!!

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You know your right but if I bought a new car I would expect the it to crank up every morning when time to go to work just not when ever it want to. It records when it wants to I set it up to record Dr. Ken on ABC and the show of Halloween did not record but it did on my DVD recorder. All I’m saying is if I really want to watch a show I use my Magnavox DVD recorder with a hard drive has not failed me yet. Maybe I’ll record the trouble I’m having with it on YouTube. Not asking for much just what as advertised.

The automotive industry is extremely mature and truly reliable cars have been around for what a tad over 20 years? Prior to that kind of pot luck if your car started in the morning. I would say cars became truly reliable in the late 80s to early 90s. It only took 85 years or so to get there.