Tablo not ready for prime time

I have had my Tablo for about nine months now and twice I have lost ever recording on my hard drive because it just quit responding it would not work with iPad iPhone web browser on iMac or ruku don’t get me wrong I love the fact you have a on screen TV guide and when it works it works great but I have a magnavox DVD recorder with a hard drive you can edit to the commercial and burn them to DVDs and in the six years I have you used It I have never lost one recording unlike the tablo that decides it don’t want to work and start over every three to four months where you lose everything. I wish I had programmed the DVD record to record this fall tv show and not depend on the tablo because now three weeks in for some show they are gone can’t watch the premiere of Bones because it’s gone can’t watch Grandfathered gone Dr Ken gone Oil and Fire gone very disappointed with tablo wishing I had went with TiVo. I will continue to use it but only with old show the one I want to keep I will use my six year old magnavox DVD recorder.

I would contact support. I’ve never lost anything on my current Tablo. Perhaps something is wrong with your unit or with the harddrive chosen or something. I use my Tablo with my Android Phone and with Roku 3 mostly and haven’t had many issues at all. I’ve had my Tablo for over a year connected to a 1TB drive which I’ve filled and used the auto delete. I’ve now evacuated shows (thanks to the easier deletion mechanism) and it continues to roll on. All of my issues have to do with poor TV reception on some channels, weather and the like.

Seriously, see if Tablo support can make heads or tails of your situation. I’m not saying it’s the “perfect” device, but for what it can do, it does pretty well.

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I agree with cjcox. This is not normal behaviour. My Tablo is 17 months and running, no loss of recordings.

When you can’t connect to the Tablo, have you tried rebooting your router, Tablo, then Roku in that order?

The recordings were lost because he factory reset the device, which is exactly what a factory reset is supposed to do.

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Oh lol

I thought recordings were lost which then required a factory reset to get the Tablo to function again.

Simply put - John_Welborn_Jr is correct on one point. There is currently a major bug with Tablo that I have experienced. Not all new shows are being recorded!!! This is FUNDAMENTAL to the operation of Tablo. Additionally, for the past 6 weeks it has progressively gotten worse.

Now on his broader statement! Providing the part-time programmer at Tablo can fix this bug in a reasonable amount of time, my 17 months of using Tablo has been a fairly enjoyable experience. My main disappointment with Tablo is that, their pace of innovation and feature enhancement is incremental and slow at best. My sense is in two or three years Tablo will be sitting next to my Beta-
Max collecting dust. Tablo et al get giddy with every new release and I wonder what it is I am missing (other than my new recordings). While I hope I am wrong, every new release just seems to just confirm my thinking.

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I jumped on the Roku bandwagon with the very first version Roku ever released (The N1000) and that is just how it goes with new tech. There were folks streaming into the Roku forums regularly for years claiming that Roku’s days were numbered and every new device that came into the market was going to be the “Roku Killer” (Boxee Box, PopBox etc.) I would say Tablo is right on track, and being essentially the first out of the gate gives them a leg up on any potential newcomers.

I feel it is a broader question than a functioning Roku, for that matter it took Apple years to finally make a small step forward in their device. Tablo whole existence relies on the legacy mandate for major networks to broadcast OTA. The question that Tablo needs to ask itself is, With the collapse of traditional commercial TV and set top boxes where is the industry going? There are only four advantages to Tablo, time shift, commercial skip, remote use, and “somewhat” free. I can see a day in the very near future, it’s happening already, whereby most of these advantages will disappear as broadcast tv migrates to different business models.

Now if you add to the mix, Tablo’s the inability to render higher def, the reliance on Tablo’s programmer fan club to provide valuable ehancements i.e. plex & ripper, at some point I question wheather Tablo will Be here in 3 years. BTW, Amazon now allows free downloads with prime. A nibble here, a nibble there.

Tablo helped cut the cord, they now have to figure out how play better outside of the box they helped do away with.

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I feel like their page is rather slow. Take Plex as a good parallel example. As I research problems I’m having, virtually every forum I read has a Tablo moderator saying “we plan to add that”, but most of the posts are from 14 and a year or more old.

The more research and networking tweaking I do the better things get. Still a PITA with chromecast and wonder if it will get there.

I bought this thing for being able to record shows a. and to pause live tv b. I can record, but playback is bad on chromecast, but again tweaks are showing improvement. Pausing live TV is an absolute joke. Shows start over, don’t rewind proper time, fast forward restarts show. Sometimes a rewind or fastforward freezes. Its frustrating.

I get the feeling its like 4 people after they are done w/ their real jobs tinkering with Tablo. <— total speculation btw. I’d like to see faster progress as I know the majority of the tablo community would. Let us know how we can help!!! Most of us are tech nerds or we wouldn’t be here. we’d be content to watch Direct TV or Time Warner / Charter / Comcast.

Just my 2 cents.

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I think I’d rather have 4 people with passion than 40 people filling cube space.

Although live phone support would be nice.


FYI - there are certainly more than 4 people devoted full-time to making Tablo awesome. Yes, we would like to make everything happen overnight, but giving people the fully featured Tablo experience across a multitude of platforms requires a lot more work than many realize.

And PS @KSum - there is live phone support. You can find the number on our contact page.


My gut feeling is why don’t you get each platform working properly first, but at the end of the day it makes more sense to push it out to tons of different products for a wider exposure, so I get it. It just seems like I keep hearing Roku, Roku, Roku. well then don’t advertise Chromecast if its going to be a miserable user experience.

OH, I see what you’re saying. I didn’t realize Nuuyo was the parent company of Tablo. I agree with you entirely.

Just to be clear, Nuvvyo is the company and Tablo is the product.

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Lol yes. The Tablo DVR is the product not the company, a cool product at that.

@TabloTV - I did find the number. I’ve called 3 times and was sent to voicemail. Not really complaining much. I’m a patient person for the most part. :slight_smile: I just figured it would be faster than email.

I’ll try again.

If you get voicemail, it means that the team is actually speaking with someone else live. They do make callbacks on all voicemails in the sequence in which they were received so I’m sure they’ll touch base with you soon.

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Yes I did that 4 times defore I went to work and 4 times when I got home the only way to get it to work was to hold the button down for more then 3 seconds but I did make sure my hard drive was not hooked up. Afterward it worked but said no hard drive so I then hooked it back up and it saw it and also saw the show was n the hard drive but would not play them and when I put the show that I wanted to record it saw the ones I had and was not going to record duplicate but come to find out it would not record anything until I reformatted the hard drive which I was I did and everything is working again. But like I said this is the second time I had to reformat because it just stops responding.

No the tablo stopped responding could not get it to work on my iPad iPhone iMac or ruku I did reset it multiple times and finally gave up and did a hard rest but with out the hard drive hooked up but afterward it saw the show on the hard drive but would nat p,at them. This has happened twice in nine months. And it sucks to lose everything