Tablo Not Playing on Roku Express+

Tablo was working great until earlier this week. Now, on the Roku I can get to Tablo, select something, but it won’t play - buffers endlessly.

I’ve reset the router, Tablo, Roku. This worked the other day, and all was fine, but then the issue appeared again today. I’ve deleted unused apps on Roku, and now Tablo is working. I am worried it will start again - can see live tv, recordings, but when try to play anything it doesn’t play.

Tablo fine on tablet, computer, another TV with Roku Express. This Express+ is the only one having trouble. Other streams like Philo, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, Disney+ play fine.

What causes this to happen?

I have used a decent amount of Rokus since I have had my Tablo (original Roku 3, Roku stick, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, and the Roku Express). The only one that really gave me issues with the Tablo was the Express, and it was the only one of mine that was stuck using the 2.4 Ghz band (all the others could use 5 Ghz or were using ethernet).

I didn’t have any problems with other apps on my Express, but I will say the Tablo uses a lot more network bandwidth than any other app. With the Tablo, I would get a lot of buffering using the Express (something I just am not getting with the other Rokus).

Now maybe there is something else amiss with the Express and the Tablo, but I just ended up replacing it with a new Ultra (and have had no issues at all). I don’t think it is a processing/CPU issue, because the Express has more horsepower than my Roku stick (the weakest of all my Rokus). But my stick uses the 5 GHZ wireless and the Express could not.

@FCabanski - @snowcat may be on to something…

It’s worth checking the WiFi signal quality on your Roku Express… There’s a how-to here:

WiFi signal quality is high (green).

Hrm… Can you try removing your hard drive for a minute and see if Live TV plays without buffering?

I didn’t know you could do that. I will try it later tonight when I am home.

Yep. You can stream a single Live TV stream without a hard drive.

If it streams with no problem, then it may be a drive issue.

If it still has trouble, then there’s something causing a network slowdown between the Tablo and your Roku.

Problem right now is last night and this morning it was working fine. It seems to be not working every time I try to watch a football game, which is the main reason I have the Tablo for OTA: Fox, CBS for NFL and this weekend it was XFL.

Saturday evening, after the problem in the afternoon, I had the TV on for hours. Everything was streaming fine - every channel, every recording.

12:45 PM Sunday afternoon - everything was fine.

1PM, XFL on Fox, nothing would show on TV.

As soon as the XFL game ended - everything was streaming fine.

We have multiple devices here. Roku premiere, ultra, roku enabled TCL tv, tablets, phones, etc. Even an old Apple TV that misbehave regularly.

Unfortunately, we also have a couple of Roku express. RCA and HDMI versions. Both screw up like clockwork, and I am convinced it is heat related. Power Supply is okay, but express runs hot. Issues are same as yours, but I am still able to watch programming on other devices. Express would show buffer issue when loading Tablo channel as well as when trying to view programming.

Router reports a signal degradation during this buffer time, but I haven’t received any sort of network disconnected or unreachable error yet.

We mainly use Tablo for Live TV now, very little recording. Haven’t had patience to try playing back a recording yet. I would surmise results would be similar.

Forgot to mention. We did away with usb supplies and express is powered off TV usb port. TV off, express is off, and cools down. TV on, even if not using Roku, and express is heating up. After about 5 hours, it becomes flaky, and I can reproduce it easily. It seems to start working again after about 45 minutes of sitting without power.

PSA: Don’t mount Roku, express or not, anywhere near upper vents of a Samsung 65" Plasma tv. Bad things happen.

Great, now I can’t watch a cooking show and cook at the same time. :wink: