TABLO not Found?

Greetings All, we are using tree ROKU TV’s, two are wired to the router and the small one in Kitchen is Wireless. Everything worked great since I cut the cord with direcTV over two years ago. I use a Tablo Dual Lite DVR to record local shows from the local & major networks. Last week, the wireless kitchen TV can not find the Tablo? I tried all the recommendations and suggestions from the TV and Web Site. I contacted customer support, they recommend to download an App for iOS “RouteThis Helps” that did nothing for my problem.
Any advise to correct this, will be appreciated. Thank you

It will be hard to help when no one knows what recommendations or suggestions you have tried.

My only thought is that if the Roku TV is on the same subnet as the tablo( most likely) and you haven’t been using the tablo disconnect to exit the app and the tablo switched it’s IP address the tablo roku app is trying to connect to the old IP address.

OK, I tried all the once that are recommended when you click on the help icon plus the once that are recommended on the web site. I unplugged all devices more then once, so what do you recommend I do? Why are the other two TV working just fine and are able to find the Tablo?
Thank you for you help, how do I fix that? thanks.

That’s almost as vaguely generalized as - I did it all. “the help icon”? “recommended on the web site”?
They want to help, give them something specific to work work with… there are users here with trouble shooting experience.

Ensure that the WiFi that the watcher is on is the same network as the Tablo, ensure that the IP address is in the same subnet as the Tablo.