Tablo not finding all channels

My tablo will not find all the OTA channels in my area. My two other TVs as well as silacondust HDHomeRun all find the specific OTA channel but my tablo does not. Is there a database used by the tablo that the channel is not identified?

They might be MPEG4, the homerun can tell you if they are.

Here is a list of MPEG4 stations in the US.

Out of curiosity, have you tried adjusting the amplification setting in your 4th gen Tablo TV app?

That list is missing WKCF 18.3, WTMO 31.4, 31.5, and some others in Orlando.

I turned amplification off and on and it made no difference.

It’s not an MPEG4 station

This also happen to me with the “Movies” channel.
On the TV’s I still have hooked directly to the antenna it’s 16.1, but the Tablo unit couldn’t find that channel, but it did find it on 47.4.
Even my bedroom TV that does Tablo and antenna, with a cheap fat antenna taped to the window on the opposite side of the house than the direction of the towers, gets it on 16.1 …??

Tablo Customer Service “pretends” it is unaware of this often-encountered problem. I referred them to this Community.

I’m willing to bet your Tablo did find the station but it was miss identified in the listing because of the ZIP and their database for zip codes is NOT complete or correct.

I had the same problem with CBS 2.1 and changed zip codes to another close by town (you may have to try a number of different ones) and voila the station is now correct.

I had a DVR where I had to use the NY City zip codes to get a good guide and I am 30 miles away. Of course that is where my broadcasters are.

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I liken it to the beginning internet days when customer service reps favorite line was…
“The problem must be on your end.”

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Humor ahead (you’ve been warned).

“Just reboot your Tablo.”

I don’t even know how to do that.

Thanks, this fixed this problem. Seems like this issue has received a good deal of attention in this Community in the last few days. Tablo Support is WORTHLESS on a good day.

I have tried everything from the zip code from the TV station website to zip codes 100 miles away and the channel is never found. I assume there must be a database kept by Tablo that does not include this station therefore it can’t provide details and won’t add the station. Maybe my best option is to return the Tablo and buy something else.


No one can really help you including TABLO if you don’t provide your location and the channel id of the missing channel.

I agree and did an experiment before seeing your post. I googled the channel number that was missing to see if I could find one in a different location and I found 34.1 in Las Vegas. I entered zip code 89101 using my Roku app and then the channel was found but the guide was wrong. This proves the issue is within a database at Telo, since when using the correct zip code for my area channel 34 is not found but using the wrong zip code thousands of miles away the channel shows up.

You still have NOT answered my basic questions! Your current location and the channel you are having an issue with! There are ways we can help you but you are NOT helping us!

I don’t think there is any database Tablo has/maintains, it just simply isn’t receiving those channels for whatever reason.

OR, are you talking about the guide data, which, FYI, isn’t maintained by Tablo, it’s maintained by a third party service called Gracenote.