Tablo No Longer Recording Scheduled Shows

I purchased my Tablo Dual LITE in August 2020 and have been using it without issues since then. I did not choose to subscribe to the Live Guide service, so I’ve learned what features are not available. However, my problem is that the Tablo two days ago stopped recording all scheduled shows. I’ve rebooted it several times. I also deleted all the scheduled recording definitions and then redefined them, but nothing has worked. I’m using the Tablo app on my Roku Ultra 4k. Live TV works without problems, and the Tablo still recognizes the USB flash storage drive that’s attached. I’ve also verified that the firmware for the Tablo is up-to-date.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this and resolved it?

Using a USB flash drive is not recommended by Tablo. Can you rewind and play back when you are watching Live TV? If that doesn’t work it’s likely a problem with your drive.

note: Dual Lite can work with out a drive, so this may or may not provide completely accurate results depending upon unknown specifics.

I misspoke. It’s actually a USB external drive (Western Digital Elements), not a flash drive. And pause/rewind/playback on live tv works. You and djk44883 did get me to thinking about the connection between the Tablo and Roku. I installed the Tablo app on another Roku in a different room, and I could see my recordings. So on the Roku where I was having the problem, I deleted the Tablo app, rebooted the Roku, and then installed and reconnected the Tablo app again, and now I can see and play back my recordings. Thank you for your help!


That’s great, glad you were able to get it sorted out!