Tablo no longer connects after using Roku and sitting overnight

I have the 4 tuner Tablo with a 1TB Toshiba Canvas HD.  Only had it for a week but each night after using my Roku to watch recorded TV, my Tablo does not connect.  I have to physically plug the plug on the Tablo.

I saw others say that the Toshiba HD seems to go to sleep, could that be causing it?  also, is this a known bug being worked on or am I better off buying a new HD. 

For $65 I can get this                

WD My Passport Ultra (USB 3.0) 1.5TB Portable External Hard Drive

Is this one listed above a good one or any thoughts on a HD 1TB or greater that wont go to sleep.  I am hoping this is the cause of my issue.  I realize Tablo is early to market but since I work in IT I like the concept and have confidence these bugs can be fixed.


Well can you watch LIVE TV on the Roku via the Tablo with no HDD connected? Give that a try and then try the Tablo the next morning. Eliminate the HDD entirely.

Is your Tablo wired to your router? Or connected wirelessly?

As well, when the Roku can’t connect to the Tablo, can you connect from another device say an iPad or computer?

My Tablo is hard wired to the router.  My HDD has a light on it that is completely out when the issue happens.  After rebooting the Tablo, I am able to watch LIVE TV or Recorded TV and the HDD is flashing.  I am watching it from a PC using Chrome Browser. I removed the HDD tonight so I will see what happens in the AM

Yes with the HDD disconnected you can only watch live TV at one show at a time. Dual tuner function needs the HDD. Report back your results.

As well, in the mornings where the HDD light would be off, what was the Tablo light doing? Was it still on?

@crm1975 I’m confident the issue was the sleep timer. Let us know how this turns out.

Well,  I googled and could not find a way to turn the hard drive sleep off on the Toshiba Canvio 1TB  so back it went.  I bought a 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim, model# STDR2000100 and for 2 nights now, I have not had to reset the Tablo.

So I feel fairly confident in saying the Hard drive was the issue as well. 

i  have  seen    hard  drive  sleep  thing  before  when  i  was useing a  wdtv  live   not  sure  how  you  fix  it

@crm1975 Glad to hear that you’re up and running :slight_smile:

@ve7bbd It really depends on the drive. I know that Western Digital has a some firmware upgrades available for the Passport series, but these things are usually pretty specific to the series of drive. It may be best to reach out to them.