Tablo - must power cycle every couple of days

My Tablo has been working fine with the same devices on my LAN and then this has happened twice in the last two days:

1)Try to connect through Roku device.
2)Get the message ‘Unable to find your Tablo.  Please make sure Tablo is on the same LAN as your Roku.’ from the Roku.
3)Try to connect through PC.
4)It seems to see Tablo on the network and since my default page is ‘Live TV’ it loads the guid, but goes into never-ending ‘connecting’ loop through Chrome browser.

The Tablo device has worked fine since I got it this past summer and now seems to be flaking out?  Could this be something to do with a recent firmware update or is my device not functioning correctly?

I suppose I should add I can no longer use the Tablo because of the posted issue.

I do recommend rebooting your router and seeing if that helps any.  

I created this thread when I couldn't access the Tablo which may have not been fully restarted when I thought it had stopped working altogether.

The two times I couldn't connect to the Tablo, I go through the power on/off process to re-establish a connection.

I unplugged the Tablo's power cable, waited 10 seconds, then plugged it back in.

I waited until the Tablo's light indicator stopped blinking and was able to reconnect.  If I try to connect before the blinking stops, it continues to be a problem and the act of trying to connect prior to the device being completely restarted (when light stops blinking) seems to keep it from starting up properly. 

The concern I have is this is the second time I've had to do this within the last two days to get the device working again.

To clarify, my device is now working, but my concern is that it has stalled twice on me in the last two days.

I will try the router restart the next time it happens.

Yes it could easily be a networking issue, so try restarting the router first before power cycling the Tablo.

As well, yes you must wait until the lights stop blinking on the Tablo for it to be fully operational.

I do not think it is a router issue. I have the same issue though I am able to see the Tablo thru Roku but not thru any other device. When I go to my tablo it is set to recordings page. All I get are broken pictures and it tries to connect forever. I restart the tablo and it starts working again.

I also thought it was the router and brought a brand new top of the line linksys WRT1900AC router and still get the exact same problem.

But in my case I can access it thru Roku but nothing else. All this started after the 2.1.18 update.

I could not see my Tablo just after the 2.1.18 firmware update however after recycling Tablo and the hard drive, things went back to normal.