Tablo misses two episodes on the same day

I am certain this has been covered in another discussion thread, but I cannot seem to put the search terms together to find it. So if you can find it please cross post it here. Otherwise, here it goes:

I set the TV show Galavant to record as a favorite. After a month I was finally ready to binge watch the show, but Tablo had only recorded four episodes, E01, E03, E05, and E07. After a quick investigation I found that the even episodes aired the same night as the odd ones. So it looks as if Tablo missed the second episode of each night. Is this a known issue and if so, is it going to be fixed?


(see my clear up confusion post)

@snowcat The recorded shows are one hour. I did a little research after your post and it looks as if the program guide (if Tango TV is correct) only had Galavant listed for one hour. That would explain much, but I wonder why your listing had it as a 2 hour show…

{see my clear up confusion post)

I had the exact same experience as @tomanak.  I getting ready to binge watch, but noticed only episodes 1, 3, 5,& 7 recorded and they were only 1 hour long.  I didn’t see them re-airing anytime soon, so I cut it as a lost and deleted them all.  Shame.

You can stream it here if you are so inclined:

I use this site regularly and the video quality is okay and it is virus free.  Make sure you have an ad blocker installed on your browser (Adblock Plus works great).

Ok, I can clear up all the confusion now that I looked into it some more.

1. ABC showed 1 hour of Galavant a night
2. Each hour was split into two half-hour shows, but it was still recorded as an hour block.
3. If you look at the recordings list in the Tablo, it looks like only episodes 1, 3, 5, 7 were recorded, but actually all 8 were recorded.  Just go to the 30 minute mark of each on, and you can tell a second part has started.  So episode 2 is the second half of episode 1, etc.

@tomanak It looks like @snowcat has tracked this down. 

We’re going to take a look at the guide data to see if there’s a work around. Unfortunately, since the episode names/airing are different, they’ll likely have to be scheduled separately.

Ha! Nice job @snowcat. That was really weird ABC. Stop that.

@TabloSupport, I doubt you are going to get anything resolved if the EPG is coming down for this show as one episode. Actually I’m not sure I’d want you to create any workaround. ABC just needs to get their act together. 

Kudos to @snowcat for running this down. 

I think this thread deserves a: