Tablo Metro New ETA?

Not holding you to anything but now that June has come and gone do you have a new ETA for the Metro?

We’ve updated everyone that pre-ordered. The long & short of it is that METRO is coming along but we still have a bit more work to complete before launch. Sometimes hardware (especially the kind with internal antennas) is a bit of a black art.

I too would like to find out the current progress/ETA for the Metro? Just waiting to order some for family members.

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@beq - We’re still plugging away at METRO. It’s about 90% done but we’ve been working very hard (and longer than expected) to get the product to the finish line. The prototype we have works well but we’re trying to squeeze a bit more performance out of it.

Will there be a 4 tuner Metro or is it no longer in the “pipe”?