Tablo Mesh Network BS

So, there are multiple posts and even a blog post about how Mesh networks are bad and Tablo isn’t compatible with them. I have multiple streaming devices and servers connected via wifi to my mesh network with zero issues. I throw Tablo up on my network and goes nuts. Tablo is bouncing between access points like a Mexican jumping bean. How about fixing the wifi driver in the Tablo so it doesn’t jump around so much instead of just saying it’s not compatible.

I was able to fix this by running an ethernet cable from one of the Access Points to the Tablo. Everything else has stayed wifi and the Tablo has been rock solid. Just sad that this has been the fix. I had to move one of my Access Points to a less than desirable location to provide an ethernet port for the Tablo.

I’ve been using Tablo on a Mesh network since initial purchase and install, have never had a problem. Runs like clockwork for me.

Not sure what devices you are using, but I have 3 Eero units and have not had any issues with the Tablo bouncing between points at all. Throughput has been excellent with no dropped connections.

My network is compromised of Eeros as well. Just happens that the best place to put the Tablo makes it in good coverage of multiple Access Points.

The connecting device chooses which AP to connect to. So if the unit is bouncing which both Eero and Tablo say it is, then it is on Tablo.