Tablo merged two recordings, how can I fix it?

Last night, my Tablo recorded show A (8:00-9:00) and show B (9:00-9:30), but only a 1.5 hour recording showed up under show A in my recordings section. I believe they were on the same channel. It should have showed up as two separate recordings.

I’m not sure if this will happen every time two shows air back to back on the same channel, but if it does, that may be a deal breaker for me and my Tablo box - I love it, I’ve had it for two weeks, but if I have to remember that the season finale of Big Bang Theory is 1:00 into the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy when I get around to watching the rest of Big Bang, that’s more than a little inconvenient. Also, it makes me mistrust the accuracy of my recordings section.

How can I fix this? And if I can’t do anything about it, is there a way to notify Tablo of a software bug they should fix?

I have had a 2-Tuner Tablo for a few years, and have NEVER had 2 scheduled recordings combine into 1. Were these manual recordings? I don’t use manual recordings, but that’s the only thing I can think of that could cause recordings to combine. Hopefully @TabloTV can chime in.

Another thought (not 100% sure this is correct) - If the scheduled recording of show “A” was a season finale then Tablo may have automatically extended the recording time (it does this with Live shows), and if no other tuners were available to record show “B”, then “B” wouldn’t have recorded, but because the recording may have been extended it would look like both shows got combined into a single recording.

Both recordings were automatic, hands-off. Both shows are set up to record “new” episodes only.

I have a 2-tuner Tablo.

Grey’s Anatomy 8:00-9:00 was on channel 13-1 on May 18th.
Big Bang Theory 9:00-9:30 was on channel 13-1 on May 18th.

I’ve confirmed that no other shows were scheduled on May 18th, let alone other shows on the same channel or adjacent time slots.

Was the Grey’s Anatomy episode the season finale? Tablo adds 50% of the time for season finale shows, so for a 60 minute show, the recording is 90 minutes. If yes, that explains the GA episode.

However, maybe the Tablo just didn’t record The Big Bang Theory at all.

Do you have any listing of a recording under TBBT?

That’s just what I was coming to post :slight_smile:

Definitely check for the BBT episode. I’m sure you’ll find it there as well.

If not, pop support a note and we can investigate.

The season finale of The Big Bang Theory was last week (11 May) that’s why it hasn’t been recorded this week.


Aha! Great, that BBT episode was NOT meant to record, as it was NOT new, nor was it the season finale.

The +50% recording time really threw me off while watching Gray’s Anatomy, though - we thought it was an extra long episode until it suddenly ended and started playing Big Bang.

Now I know!

No support ticket needed, fears allayed, et cetera. Thanks for the quick sleuthing, everyone! I love my Tablo. :slight_smile:


I read this post with interest. We have had a 2 tuner Tablo for over 2 years now that’s given us very few problems. Recently it recorded a scheduled episode of Chears (30 minute show) and when we played it tonight it said it was 2 hours long. It did record 2 hours of tv including an hour long episode of Wild Wild West that came on after Chears. This has never happened before. Sounds similar to the issue that is the subject of this post. Like I said our Tablo has been mostly trouble free for over 2 years.