Tablo makes a "Tich" noise several times when starting a show

I have the new 4th generation Tablo. Even on OTA channels where I have great signal, it sometimes makes several “Tich” noises ( like a electrical sound). It is even on the recording. I have contacted Tablo support. Sent them a video of the problem. No response yet, Been a month.

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Does this happen when you first start the recording?

During any other time?

Occasionally, a video will do that at the beginning of a recording, and it’s been more common on my Roku.

Yes, and at the beginning when I start to watch a channel. I have a ROKU 4K. But I don’t get that using the ROKU to watch any other streaming service.

The team has reviewed the previous back and forth with the team on this and would like to take a closer look at some of your recordings. They’ve sent you a note with details.

I’ve been taking it for a volume adjustment thing. There are many times I’ll play something on android/fire and it will BLAST the speaker for a micro-second then return to normal. I have to wonder if the Tablo is trying to catch the right codec but isn’t pre-loading whatever it needs to avoid these things.

I call it a snapping sound but yes we have this at the beginnings of some recordings. Been going on since 2023. We’ve kinda gotten used to it or at least ignore it now. But really, we can watch 5 or more recordings over several days and nothing happens then sooner or later it’ll happen again. It’s like 2 or 3 snaps/pops in the first few seconds of a recording. Roku Ultra.

Must read… my wife just started playing a recording while I was typing this and there were 2 snaps in the first few seconds. Then fast forwarded to about the middle the same 2 hour recording and started it again. There were a few more snaps. So it seems like it isn’t in the recording but rather at the beginning of play. We did an experiment of fast forwarding to random places and every time she started play, it snapped, crackled and/or popped.

I’m not in the Roku much, but it seems like it happens on the first recording or two, then it goes away.

I only pull the Roku out for testing, so it gets put away for weeks at a time and then this happens again due to sitting idle. I believe this happens with the original Express as well as the Express 4k Plus I had.

I have 7 Roku devices in my home that can access the Tablo at any moment. I have not seen this happening. Roku Tvs, Roku Ultra, Roku 4k+

Do you have your Roku players manually set to SS or Stereo? Mine are forced to Stereo, since that’s a tad louder.

That’s a good question and something I hadn’t thought about. What I did notice was that it didn’t matter if I was using the TV’s speaker or a Bluetooth one. I may have to test your theory this weekend.

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I have both “Audio mode” and “Digital output format” set to Stereo. My Gen4 would not play through Roku on my older TV when first installed so I played with these settings until it worked. My theory is because my TV is old and has no surround capability through HDMI I needed to force Roku to output stereo.

I’ve kinda figured this snapping sound is a Roku thing (or maybe it’s my TV) so we’ve just lived with it. As an experiment we are going to use our FireTV 4k max stick for a while and see if the sounds are present there.


Correcting this statement. It appears that this might be part of a FireOS update as I noticed the same thing twice when using Alexa through the remote – the chime is extremely loud and then the rest is silent.

However, the Roku issue has happened since day one. I hope @SophieCat doesn’t spend too much time on their testing because of my comment above.

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Well we’ve used our FireTV Stick now for 3 days with no clicking or ticking when we start a recorded video. As I kinda figured this must be a Roku thing. We will continue to use the FireTV device for the foreseeable future. Our NAS manufacturer abandoned their Roku app years ago so we have to use the FireTV app for it as well. It was always a much better app anyway.

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