Tablo Lost Guide


Same issue here. Had to refresh and the only shows that populated to “record” were the furthest out ones nearly 2 weeks out that were pulled in through the guide update triggered by the “refresh”. Otherwise I chickened out and manually re-ticked everything to record the ones essentially in the next 12 days as nothing else seemed to change.

Figured this would be faster than opening a ticket and having to manually make sure my shows would record each day.


This bit me too. I have a 4-tuner model Tablo I bought in 2015. I lost all my Thursday evening recordings. I happened to realize something funny was going on around 9 PM, so I rebooted my Tablo. It still looked weird so I started poking at the settings, when I found my subscription status needed to be refreshed.

I also noticed that my remote playback option had been ticked off. (Not sure if related?)

Anyway, none of my shows’ scheduled recordings reactivated on their own, so I went through and manually set each show to record again. That was annoying.

However, the most irksome thing was missing those Thursday night recordings! Luckily, I can find most recent episodes via network apps/On Demand online without paying extra.


That kind of makes sense when you think about it. That feature is only available to subscribers. When the Tablo lost the subscription it disabled the option. When the subscription was fixed it had to be turned back on. I’m sure it’s a similar problem with the recording shows.


Agreed. The remote playback feature behavior tracks. (I had wondered about that, but I wasn’t sure if the subscription was required for remote playback–I’ve always had an active subscription so it’s never been an issue prior to yesterday…)


Tablo got back to my support request. We must go through our entire schedule and fix them manually.
EDIT: That’s 78 shows I have to go through. uhg!!!


Count me affected as well – my Guide always said “active” but my scheduled recordings were unscheduled. For the recurring ones, I was able to go to “Scheduled” and toggle them off and on again, but for the one-offs (like tomorrow night’s boxing, and the next night’s Aretha thing) were just gone. Fortunately I didn’t have too many, so just re-did it. Not a great week for Tablo, I’m afraid, though glad to see the CEO step up and improve the situation re subscriptions!

[edit] - I hit refresh even though I didn’t seem to need to, rebooted, waited, and nothing changed, so I did manually as described above.


In response to the changes to subscription service I just saw the post from the ceo grandfathering previous subscribers in. I wanted to thank Tablo for admitting to the problem addressing it in such a quick manner.


The notification / QC on this is not up to the standards I expect. I only noticed the problem AFTER I tried to view my recordings - which aren’t there, of course! Sure, it’s not difficult to do, but it is also disappointing 1) that it is required at all, and 2) that we have to stumble onto the problem AFTER we lose scheduled recordings. That’s not why I use Tablo. I can miss recordings for free.


That is why I suspect a flud of tickets on Monday. They should have at least pinned something in the forum with the details. I was lucky enough to notice before I missed multiple recordings.


I clicked Refresh and everything is as it should be, hassle free. Just want to know how can we keep from dealing with this again. I can’t confirm if I’ve missed any scheduled recordings… (I didn’t see what was on last night compared to what I had recorded, actually recorded.) But the one advantage of the subscription is the automation… and the pictures.


Sure would have been nice if there had been an alert sent to the email of users to check. Like others, I’ll now have to deal with the “Wife-factor” when we have a missing episode of one or more of her shows…

I had to hit Refresh tonight, and manually tweak the scheduled recordings (like one poster said, change to “record all” then back to “new”).


Ok that last update was very bad… Lost all my recordings. Had to go switch from New to all then back to New. But then tonight passage said it failed and it is the finale. Tried to get it going again and not sure if i am recording or not and hoping i am not missing the finale as i cant watch now and going out is there tomorrow.
You folks really blew it on this update


people dont realize how real the wife-factor is !!!


OOh NO! We all do…and are praying for you right now.