Tablo loses Wi-Fi connection

I have a first generation Tablo, I have a problem with it holding the Wi-Fi connection. At least once a day I have to power cycle my Tablo to reconnect to the Wi-Fi. It will work fine, and when I move to another streaming service and then go back to Tablo, I get a Tablo not found notice. I then power cycle my Tablo and can then find it and connect. Any ideas about how to fix this?

could your tablo power supply or wifi be dying. maybe if support remote connected in they could see if maybe it’s the wifi.

You need to include your setup so others know which devices and settings to check and how to do so.

I have a new 4th-gen 2-tuner Tablo that I bought in early January 2024. Mine also becomes unreachable several times per day, and it’s connected to my router via Ethernet. Most of the time it will reappear after 1 to 30 minutes. A couple of days ago, roughly 3 weeks into its life, it required a power cycle to come back on the network.

I read somewhere that exiting the Tablo app cleanly, by hitting the back button (curly cue) on my Firestick remote, rather than just hitting the power off button, can reduce the frequency of that problem. I’ve been doing that and it seems to help, but I doubt if my wife has been doing that.

Also sometimes when I start a session by pressing the power button on the Firestick remote, the TV will start, and the Firestick home screen will be up and properly functioning, but selecting the Tablo app will just result in a gray screen without the Tablo app starting. Sometimes hitting the back button (curly cue) will cause the Tablo app to start. Occasionally it won’t. If it doesn’t start I will wait for a few minutes and that usually solves it. Only once so far in 3 weeks have I had to power cycle it.

You’ve mentioned that you’ve had to power cycle the Tablo to get the app to respond.

Have you had any luck by force quitting the app? Clearing the cache and data might help, and since there’s really nothing that’s saved in the app, at least there’s no fear of needing to enter login info again! What about rebooting or power cycling the Firestick?

I have a 1st gen 4k max on my bedroom TV that also doesn’t get exited out of properly but this problem is becoming less often as time goes on. I restart it after any update, which probably helps, but that’s because I’m old and it’s been a habit since the early 90s! (Even on linux I reboot to verify an update before making a timeshift backup.)

Overall, though, when an app is not responding, my go-to for Firestick is to force-reboot the system, clearing as much cache as it can. It’s also a ton faster than sorting through menus to get to the reboot option, and easier than unplugging the stick.

To do this reboot, hold Play/Pause and OK at the same time for about 10s, it will say something akin to “powering off your amazon tv” and then reboots.

Keep us posted on what works and what doesn’t.

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I ran an Ethernet line from my router to my Tablo and have not had the problem since. This was the fix that Tablo support came up with.

Just for giggles… have you busted out your laptop with Acrylic Wireless Analyzer and confirm you have decent signal strength. If you have an android phone, it has a Wi-Fi analyzer app to check signal strength.

Maybe your wireless router can show client signal strength and the band it’s on. That’s half the battle.


Thanks so much for that info, I had never considered rebooting the Firestick. Knowing that shortcut will certainly help. The next time the Tablo app won’t start using my usual curly cue trick I will try it. Thanks!

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My Tablo is also connected to the router via Ethernet. Thanks.

Yes. I’m using a Netgear Deco router, connected via Ethernet cable to the Tablo. The Firestick is about 3 feet away. I have no problems with signal strength anywhere in the house and about 50 meters outside the house, so it should be OK. What I can’t tell is if it’s a software issue or hardware issue. It would be nice if there was some accessible log for debugging. Thanks.