Tablo Locks up and is unresponsive

I’ve had an issue crop up a number of times but I haven’t messed with it to reliably determine what’s causing it. 

I’m having an intermittent issue with my Tablo quad tuner becoming completely unresponsive and requiring a reboot to get it working again. I’ll start watching a show via roku and the show will play for anywhere between 30s and 5min then the roku goes to buffering and that’s the end. If I back out of the channel, I can’t reconnect to the tablo via roku or any other device. If I reboot, everything’s ok until the next time. Like I said, I don’t know what’s the cause and I can’t reliably reproduce it. I was hoping the device has some logs on it that can be pulled to help out.

A little on my setup:

Tablo quad tuner & roku 3 connected via 4 port switch > hardwired to powerline adapter (with good connection speed >100 mbps actual) > asus rt-n16 router running tomato firmware. 

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@stevebob Hm, that’s certainly odd. When you say that it becomes unresponsive, does it respond to the reset button on the back at all? Or do you need to pull the power from it? If this happens again, feel free to send me the details in a ticket and we can take a look around.

It responds to the reset button on the back (this is how I’ve been resetting it) but is unresponsive to any form of connections (ipad, web, roku). 

Edit: submitted ticket just now

I am experiencing a similar problem. Was hoping to see the resolve for @stevebob. Differences are:

1. dual tuner (wireless)

2. Roku 3

3. No powerline

4. I can not reset the Tablo with the reset button. Must remove power, wait 30s, power up.

@WildBill - your situation may be different so recommend that you contact TabloSupport so they can pull logs from your Tablo.


@Mark has the right idea here - it could be a different thing happening altogether. Is this frequent? In any case, send me over the details (including your MAC, please!) to me in a ticket.

@Mark  @TabloSupport

Thank you guys, I have contacted TabloSupport (wow, fast response). They are working on it as we speak.

My problem still exists. I now have a new issue of constant buffering on my roku. The issue began after the most recent update and makes watching impossible sometimes.